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MIVisionX toolkit is a set of comprehensive computer vision and machine intelligence libraries, utilities, and applications bundled into a single toolkit. AMD MIVisionX delivers highly optimized open-source implementation of the Khronos OpenVX™ and OpenVX™ Extensions.


AMD OpenVX is a highly optimized open-source implementation of the Khronos OpenVX computer vision specification. It allows for rapid prototyping as well as fast execution on a wide range of computer hardware, including small embedded x86 CPUs and large workstation discrete GPUs.

The amd_openvx project consists of the following components:

The OpenVX framework provides a mechanism to add new vision functions to OpenVX by 3rd party vendors. Look into amd_openvx_extensions for additional OpenVX modules and utilities.



Build Instructions

Build this project to generate AMD OpenVX library

Build using Visual Studio

Build using CMake