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MIVisionX toolkit is a set of comprehensive computer vision and machine intelligence libraries, utilities, and applications bundled into a single toolkit. Khronos OpenVX is also delivered with MIVisionX.

Image Clasiification using AMD WinML Extension

This application implements a method to run WinML supported ONNX models using MIVisionX RunTime. This c/c++ implementation does image classification on live camera capture or pre-recorded video stream.

This application is a sample for developing windows application using MIVisionX WinML extension.

Build Instructions


Build using Visual Studio 2017 on 64-bit Windows 10


Step 1. Get ONNX model

Step 2. Build the app using winml_classifier.sln on Visual Studio.

Step 3. Run tests


MIVisionX Image Classification using WinML

MIVisionX Image Classification using WinML


 --inception FULL_PATH_TO\inception_v2\model.onnx
 --resnet50  FULL_PATH_TO\resnet50\model.onnx 
 --zfnet FULL_PATH_TO\zfnet\model.onnx 
 --label FULL_PATH_TO\MIVisionX\amd_openvx_extensions\amd_winml\samples\data\Labels.txt
 --capture 0